Pink Fire Pointer Some thoughts on a Monday morning

Some thoughts on a Monday morning

  This blog is not only about what other entrepreneurs are doing right or wrong, it is also about my personal experience on this journey. Some of my regular readers know that I have been working on a start-up education-based company called Learning Connections for the past two years. Because of going to school full-time, I have only been able to work on it on a part-time basis. At the time, I figured that it was alright to spend that little time on it because I have been tutoring for years.
  But I don't want to build just another tutoring center. There are plenty of those. I wanted to set this business apart from any other standard educational start-up. So I had to think, what will set Learning Connections apart from everyone else? Me, my experience, my specialties and those I hire, their experience and their specialties.

A small list of things I know I can improve on:

  • Defining the business niche. The niche for this business rests on the laurels of Science and Math. I have been involved in science fairs since I was a participant in high school. I left Massachusetts having served as a judge, secretary to the region, specialist in scientific review committees, and mentor to middle schools starting their own science fairs. I relocated to Roanoke and continued to help a Roanoke City Middle school and judge fairs. Conclusion? Play up the applied math and science!
  • Get out there more. Meaning, get out from in front of the computer and spend some quality face time with people. Find out about other businesses. How can you help them? Conclusion? Consultations in creative problem solving and Math Skills Review for new employees.
  • Play it up. From the internet stand point, you would probably think that I'm rolling in the dough. Right? While I am reaching people across the world online, I noticed a major discrepancy. I wasn't reaching the locals as much as I should be. There is still an internet disconnect in my small town and the surrounding areas. Conclusion? Don't completely discount standard methods of marketing in smaller areas. 
  • Boost self-confidence. From various reports, community and people I went to high school with, I am the super nice, quiet, smart girl. The only adjective that seemed to bother me was quiet. Most of my friends would not tell you that I am quiet! I can be quite the chatterbox! Conclusion? Don't be shy about talking you and your business. Plain and simple. Take the talk from the internet to every day life and the people I meet. My neighbor and I bumped into each other while I was walking the dog this morning. She loved my new dress and asked if I had started a new job. My response? "Sort of." UGH! What was that!!!! I know I can do better than that! I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and what I am about to do! Time to change my tune! 
  When you listen to these little signals, they can help bring you and your business into better focus. Why am I sharing this with you? Because these are some of the traps we fall into when creating. I am hoping my experience helps you and you sharing your experience helps me gain some insight as to how all this works. Sound fair? I would love to hear some of the bear traps you fall in! Maybe we can help each other out!