Pink Fire Pointer November 2012

Small Business Focus: One Step Above

  I have to admit, I love small boutiques that remind me of New York City shops. You know the stores that are filled from floor to ceiling with goods and fun things all in the square footage equivalent to a shoe box? Donna's store offers fun jewelry, scarves, and is handbag heaven! But hands off the Burberry knock off! It's mine! See you on Main Street Salem on Black Friday!

Cute necklace made of glass!

Groovy hobo bags!

Fun rings, bracelets, and necklaces

Great apron for your favorite vino friend

Louis Vitton knock-off. I think I need a new purse!

Small Business Focus: Tinkerings

  Tinkerings has been in Salem, VA for longer than a year. One of my Christmas presents came from her shop last year. She houses local craftspeople and artists and there is always something different in her store! Take a look at some of the unique gifts in her shop! And watch for updates here on what she has in store for this holiday season!
Matching handbag and dog carrier

Crocheted Turtle Earrings

Homemade wood bowls
Christmas Craft display

Hand carved wood Santas
Cute cross-stitched hand towels

Small business focus: Plantagenet Rose

  I have been friends with the owner of Plantagenet Rose for a few years now. How did we meet? During a discussion on Facebook about Roanoke's art museum. Over the years, I have met many people through Facebook or other social media sites. I have been on the internet since 1992 and never looked back. So, I don't think anything of meeting people and developing more personal relationships off the social media sites. I consider it a part of growing a network. At any rate...
  Plantagenet Rose is located on 16 South College St., in Salem, VA, it is just right off of Main St. Gwenda is a decorator and businesswoman by trade and her shop reflects some of her, and more importantly, her clients favorite things. It is a gift boutique and design center. With gorgeous items for the home, such as vases, decoratives, candles, original artwork, floral arrangements, etc. There is a room that is her design center for curtains, bedding, and blinds. The store also boasts pretty things for yourself such as purses, scarves, and unusual jewelry. The items that she carries cannot be found anywhere else! So why are you shopping in big department stores for the holidays? Check them out! 

Collaboration is key to growth

  I met a wonderful and energetic woman yesterday. Her name is Cathy Dick and she is building a start-up company called One Degree Forward and her Facebook page is found here. We found out that we have quite a bit in common and strong philosophies of the disservices that occur to adults, children, and families who cope with ADD/HD on a daily basis. Educating the community about learning disabilities, which are learning abilities to me, is one of the passions we share.
  I love this collaboration already. We have lots of ideas and are finding ways, as businesses, we can support each other. That was one of the goals that I had in mind for Learning Connections, to create or become a part of a business community that has a focus on education and service. Now for the brainstorming and the work! Love it!

One Degree Forward Logo. Yes! We are all connected!

City pages on the rise in Social Media.

  It takes a real commitment to build a business. The same commitment is required when building a social media campaign. One thing that is coming out of our country's downturn is the rise of people building business pages for their hometown in order to attract more people to the small business. The backbone of this country.
  The team of Jason Turner and Brenda McGuire created the page Roanoke Doesn't Suck because they were sick and tired of people complaining that there was nothing to do around town. They talk about local businesses and fun events that are coming up. They do everything they can to bring a sense of community awareness to the city.
  Lora Trout began on Facebook with a page called Promote Commotion because she kept hearing about the same thing. She loves promoting people within the community and their services.
  Gwenda Kellett began a website named Main Street Salem upon hearing some of the local businesses possibly closing due to lack of foot traffic and sales. This website is the most comprehensive of all the local sites. Pages with different types of services are locked and loaded.
  However, none of these sites could exist without help. Usually in the form of advertisements and space on their page that describes your business and links to the business web pages. The amount of traffic that these sites are receiving is ASTOUNDING. Main Street Salem began recently and is receiving hundreds of hits daily! This exposure is better and less expensive than taking an ad out in the newspaper or making a commercial. The more hits these pages receive, the better word spreads about your business. Since my business started it's listing with Main Street Salem, visitors to my page have TRIPLED. My job? Making sure my site stays current, fresh, and relevant to the client I envision being able to reach. It's nice to have traffic, but you have to be able to use your site and yourself to close the deal! My advice? Get your business listed with one of the above or ask about their services!