Pink Fire Pointer Small business focus: Plantagenet Rose

Small business focus: Plantagenet Rose

  I have been friends with the owner of Plantagenet Rose for a few years now. How did we meet? During a discussion on Facebook about Roanoke's art museum. Over the years, I have met many people through Facebook or other social media sites. I have been on the internet since 1992 and never looked back. So, I don't think anything of meeting people and developing more personal relationships off the social media sites. I consider it a part of growing a network. At any rate...
  Plantagenet Rose is located on 16 South College St., in Salem, VA, it is just right off of Main St. Gwenda is a decorator and businesswoman by trade and her shop reflects some of her, and more importantly, her clients favorite things. It is a gift boutique and design center. With gorgeous items for the home, such as vases, decoratives, candles, original artwork, floral arrangements, etc. There is a room that is her design center for curtains, bedding, and blinds. The store also boasts pretty things for yourself such as purses, scarves, and unusual jewelry. The items that she carries cannot be found anywhere else! So why are you shopping in big department stores for the holidays? Check them out!