Pink Fire Pointer Collaboration is key to growth

Collaboration is key to growth

  I met a wonderful and energetic woman yesterday. Her name is Cathy Dick and she is building a start-up company called One Degree Forward and her Facebook page is found here. We found out that we have quite a bit in common and strong philosophies of the disservices that occur to adults, children, and families who cope with ADD/HD on a daily basis. Educating the community about learning disabilities, which are learning abilities to me, is one of the passions we share.
  I love this collaboration already. We have lots of ideas and are finding ways, as businesses, we can support each other. That was one of the goals that I had in mind for Learning Connections, to create or become a part of a business community that has a focus on education and service. Now for the brainstorming and the work! Love it!

One Degree Forward Logo. Yes! We are all connected!