Pink Fire Pointer Business Lounge Opens in Roanoke

Business Lounge Opens in Roanoke

  A list came out today from Forbes listing Roanoke in the #74 spot as Best Places for Business and Career. Having lived here for only 9 years, I can see why this little corner of Virginia is very successful. 
  First, there has been an influx of what I call "new blood" into the region. Most of this new blood if from the Northeast region or Northern Midwest region. The South has been invaded by Yankee ingenuity! Don't worry, there are a lot of talented people in the region before the influx. Most of us were trying to escape the high cost of living in the North while finding a region that was ready for growth. Southwest Virginia is a fertile land of opportunity for entrepreneurs. BUT, you have to be flexible, innovative, and patient. The market is still a little rough around the edges. However, if you can find your niche, there is nothing to stop you from making it!
  One new, innovative idea is the Business Lounge that just opened in Roanoke. This is a meeting place for freelancers and entrepreneurs. It's a new nation-wide concept called co-working. Working out of the home can be productive but it limits your exposure to your most important business component, people! In this concept, entrepreneurs who don't have a need for permanent space but would like a more convenient and central meeting place, not only amongst other entrepreneurs, but with clients! It is armed with basic business needs for anyone who rents the space. Interested? Want to learn more? Visit their official website!