Pink Fire Pointer SEO And The Google Penguin

SEO And The Google Penguin

It has been almost a year since Google launched their latest update—the Penguin. No, this is not in reference to one of the Dark Night’s villains. This update is meant for those who are managing sites and pages online. Those who have been trying to use different ‘hats’ on SEO just to rank good with the search engine are affected in many ways with this Penguin. Especially webmasters, website administrators and bloggers are feeling the effects of this latest update by Google.
This update really scared the hell out of webmasters and SEOs who have been using lots of black hat strategies to dominate in the SRP game. The effects of the Penguin show many dominant websites who have been up there in the search engines being penalized and lost their ranks. This is sending webmasters scramming for methods or strategies on how to salvage the situation.

Understanding the updates of Google—the Panda and Penguin—can be very complicated for the regular folks. Those people who just want to be noticed online and be given a chance to compete in the market dominated by those large companies who have been using their resources in order to secure their seats on the coveted first page of the search engine. But Google is said to introduce this Penguin update in order to level the field for the small business owners and the underdogs in their market.

Google wants people to focus on quality contents that customers and visitors online love to find online. There are people who don’t believe this to be true and instead believe that this update by Google is just making it tougher for small people to compete with the Big Boys.

However people consider this Google update, it is always better to post and use only quality articles and contents on your sites and online pages. SEO and Social Media Marketing has always been deemed as a vital element of a business’ success in terms of getting recognized online and get more branding recognition with a larger group or community.

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