Pink Fire Pointer Researching Your Business

Researching Your Business

  Many of us watch businesses come and go, many of them go for various reasons. Many blame the current market. Others blame poor location or too much competition. Well, maybe we should have done more research! The current business structure is changing. It is no longer about standard marketing strategies or stiff and structured business plans (Of course you need a business plan! But keep it flexible!).
  I will use my situation as an example. There is flux of teachers who have been leaving the school system for many reasons. Many of these former teachers believe that tutoring on the side may not bring them riches, but it will bring them enough to live. I am seeing a lot of hand written ads, boring tear-aways, and other standard marketing strategies. Here is what I am learning so far:

  • Find a niche. Research yourself! What are your gifts and talents? What sets you apart from everyone else? Here is what I figured out about myself.
    • I love to write. Blogging, when I make the time, is an outlet of self-expression for me.
    • I love to communicate and meet people. 
    • I love the Sciences and Applied Math. 
    • I love being creative!
  • Mold yourself into that marketing niche. It doesn't feel wrong if it feels so right! The focus of my business is Math and Science from elementary to post-college. Teachers in these subjects need support, especially in high school when the availability of materials drops. 
  • Don't discount possibilities. I have tied myself to Arts organizations for a reason. Most artists don't realize how much Math and Science play into their work. Read or listen to my blog on my website. It explains how I use Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence to teach. 
  • CHECK OUT THE COMPETITION. I can't believe how many people set up shop without doing this first! 
  • Talk to the community. Can you provide a need not being met right now? What is it? Would people use it? How much would they pay for the service? Many times we undercut ourselves just hoping people will arrive because of the price. Not so. Find a compromise in your pricing system, fair pricing for you and your clients.
  • Use every marketing resource available. I am not talking TV ads or anything extravagant. Use the Internet! A lot! You may want to hire someone to do this for you! But make sure they have your voice in their communication. Most importantly, just get out there! Attend events. Meet people. No one will come to you, you have to go to them!
Good luck!