Pink Fire Pointer Wild Weather Will Effect Local Economies

Wild Weather Will Effect Local Economies

  As we near the end of January, all I can think of is how wild the weather has been! We know how much serious weather effects our personal lives but do we ever consider how much it hurts local business and industry? I am thinking back to the two snowstorms we have already had. Not only were schools and government centers closed but businesses were as well. While everyone likes an occasional day off, being closed or reducing hours for even 4-5 days out of the month is serious. It seems as though the only businesses that are benefiting are grocery stores and gas stations. 

It's snow wonder businesses are closing! Can we blame wacky weather?

  Take a look at your personal spending habits this past month. Where is your money going? For many of you, it is not small businesses. If it is, congrats and thanks for your support! Now look at the days of the month you spent your money and with whom. Notice a trend? It's not hard to spot. However, it helps you become self-aware of your habits. 
  When businesses have to shutter stores due to, well nowadays, even the threat of rain, that is hurtful to local economics. If it's a simple rainstorm, go visit these folks as they sit in their business wondering where everyone is. If no one is buying, then the state and community is not collecting taxes. Taxes help the community pay for projects that the residents feel are necessary. It is a small way to make an investment in the community. If you donate to local causes often, encourage others to do so. Many non-profits are not making it either. 
  If it is threatening a major wind storm, like today, I completely understand why you would stay in. But let's make an honest effort to patronize our locals as much and as often as we can!