Pink Fire Pointer Resolutions for your business?

Resolutions for your business?

  I have already talked about my personal feelings of resolutions on my personal blog. Since I worked retail for so long, I will share with you why small businesses should not try anything new in the upcoming year.

  1. Constant focus shift can harm more than it can help. Review what worked. Think deep about why those things worked. If you are not finished with projects that you began, make it a goal to continue working on them. It's ok to be ADHD, as a person, not as a business. Jot your list of things that worked and figure out how you will implement them on continuing projects. 
  2. Trash what did not work, at all. I find social media marketing does not always work. I find not breaking down big projects into little steps does not work. I find being overwhelmed does not work. The moment you feel overwhelmed, re-evaluate, or enlist help. Better yet, back-burner the idea until you have the resources that you need to make it work. 
  3. Take long term goals, break them down, and accomplish at least one step each day. This reminds me that I really need a good, big, desk calendar blotter. It helps give you the big picture, somewhat literally, of what it will take to get there. Let's say you have a major goal that you want to accomplish by June. Start with the end of the goal and work your way back to now. You may find it easier to handle. It will also ensure that the time frame is do-able. 
  4. Make collaboration the key to your business. Collaborate with new people. Collaborate with the enemy. Collaborate with like-minded friends. I see 2013 as a year of major growth, mentally, but only if you want it. 2012 was very divisive. I don't care if you have personal problems with the way someone thinks. It is all the more reason you should learn from them. If you know yourself and are comfortable with who you are then what is the problem with hanging out with people who are not like you? 
  5. Don't be quick to judge. This goes for people and situations. Take a step back. Is it really your concern? Is it really your problem? There is nothing wrong with sitting back and watching. I often grab a box of popcorn when watching my friends on Facebook because a lot of people create their own drama. Watch it unfold. You will learn more. 
  6. Support others, for free. Make it your way of giving back to the community. You don't always have to get something out of someone. Support your local people, paying or not. You can't build a tribe sitting behind a computer. Sometimes you have to go out and spend face time with them. Share their content even if it is not one of your interests. Supporting the community brings many returns in the form of references and good old word of mouth marketing. People like to talk just make sure that it is not always about yourself.