Pink Fire Pointer Whatever happened to quality?

Whatever happened to quality?

  I am ashamed. Of myself and I am ashamed for others. We have become such a society of "throw-aways" that we have forgotten what the definition of quality is. Sure, we all take an occasional trip to the Dollar Store or Walmart or Sam's Club and we pick up the most ridiculous stuff. Why do we do this? It's cheap and easily accessible.
  Have you ever noticed how the stuff just doesn't last? So we toss it and go about to buy more stuff to replace the stuff that broke. Here is a bit of reality from the late George Carlin:

I want all of you to do me a favor, because I am doing this too, the next time you take a trip please ask yourself... Do I really need this?  Then ask yourself, what can I spend my hard-earned money on that will give my life meaning and add value?  You may find yourself traveling out to your local mom and pop stores more often to buy something of quality and value. Things that you can be proud of owning and supporting, your local retailers. They are more unique than big box stores and quite often not that much further away in price.  
  Let's get out there and join the movement to shop quality. Shop local!