Pink Fire Pointer Why Small Businesses Should be Thinking about a Social Media Plan

Why Small Businesses Should be Thinking about a Social Media Plan

   Did you know that by not using social media that you are losing out to the competition that does? Social media needs to become a part of your present marketing plan if it is not already. It is alright to start small with a Facebook business page or a Twitter account, as long as you start! Think of social media influence as the cherry on your ice cream sundae. So what should your social media campaign include?
  • Ask your customers which platform they use most. Do they use Facebook? Twitter? Google+? How often do they use social media and what for? By getting a overall, general view of how your customer base uses social media, you can build the content around it.
  • Hire a professional. Why? You need someone you can trust that will help explain the technology and the nuances behind these new ideas. Here are a few of my recommendations for the Roanoke, VA, area:
  • Create content around your business base. Creating content can be as simple as blog postings up the interesting things you do or happens in your business. People always like good news and good stories! Try to refrain from any negativity when at all possible!
  • Share Content related to your business by other businesses. Always recognize and cheer others on! It helps your business in return! The nice guy finishes first in this case!
  • INTERACT. Successful social media techniques require you to interact with your customer base! There is an old adage in retail, if one customer has one bad experience, they tell 20 friends, and their friends tell 20 friends... and so on. 
  So what's stopping you from creating a campaign? Hop to it!