Pink Fire Pointer Not all controversial subjects are bad business.

Not all controversial subjects are bad business.

  As told by many social media gurus, when there is negativity on your Facebook page or website, you need to deal with it in the best positive light for your company or business.
  But what about a special interest page? Let's take, for example, a page about global warming. This is quite a controversial topic and people have strong feelings in support or against it.
  Here is an important fact you need to remember. Controversy works for the person(s) who run that page. It increases their influence in that particular topic. Why is that important? All the hits, comments, likes, go into the algorithm that increases the capability of that page or website to "rise to the top" of search engines. The content goes viral.
  This does not mean you should go creating controversial threads or posts on purpose because it can eventually backfire. However, when it does happen, don't shy away from it. Moderate!