Pink Fire Pointer Why you should invest in Co-Working.

Why you should invest in Co-Working.

  I am sure you have heard me talk about The Business Lounge in the past couple of months. Yesterday, they held their doors open to any who wanted to try the co-working experience. I was finally able to partake in that experience.
  My friend, Leslie, has already jumped on the bandwagon and works there 2-3 days a week for at least a few hours a day. Why does she do it? She says it helps her keep her focus and meet people who walk in through the door. Now mind you, you are not really there to start a presentation on yourself. You are there to make connections in the community. What does this do? After a few discussions, there may be ways that both businesses can help each other out. Sounds like a win-win to me! Oh, while I am thinking about it, I need to make that quick change to my LinkedIn profile that Leslie suggested. Hopefully, I have given her enough suggestions on where to get some design help from. Yeah, win-win. 
  And lucky me! I got a sneak peek and tour of their new expansion! LOVE! There are a few more private spaces after listening to some suggestions from the people already invested in the business. I encourage everyone to try it and soon! The rates that they offer are not going to stay locked in forever as this business grows! They are going to have to cover the costs for expanding and remodeling the new space. Plus, it will eventually have a PinPad installed so that the space can be used 24 hours a day. Why would you need that? Do you really want to wake up everyone in your house with that all important overseas or West Coast conference call at midnight your time? 
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  I just received word that they are having another free co-working day today! Really, go check it out! 

Cutting the Ribbon Ceremony back in May.